Welcome mail

The welcome mail is your first e-mail contact with your newest newsletter receiver – the most important moment in the life circle of the relationship when it comes to attention. Use the high potential of communication of the automatically triggered welcome e-mail – be it a single e-mail or a whole series.


  • promote curiosity about the newsletter and your products.
  • create appealing newsletter campaigns, that are recognizable and invest in the brand promise.
  • fulfill the content-related expectations of your receivers through individualisation.
  • set the sending time individually for each welcome campaign.
  • send multi-lingual welcome e-mails.
  • easy integrate QR and EAN-codes.
  • use various ways of testing (splitting tool, for example for A/B tests).
  • optimize your target groups.
  • continuously improve your newsletter management using the excessive reporting data.

More details can be found in our product catalogue: Productsheet_Welcome_Mail.pdf