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An equally simple as powerful tool in the marketing lifecycle: a personalized trigger mail. Triggered by predefined occasions or events – there is no limit to your creativity. In addition to classic occasions to send a mail (birthdays, shopping cart cancellations, purchases) you could use name days, anniversaries, the intake of new profile data, the change to daylight saving time or the consultation of certain information on the website as a trigger - to fit your industry, your target audience and your product offering. With relevant trigger messages that are tailored to the recipient, you will usually get significantly better response behavior than with a regular newsletter.


  • set up and send your trigger mail campaigns.
  • control the shipping rules of many different trigger mails.
  • strengthen dialogue and thus customer retention with a pertinent customer lifecycle and relevant information.
  • increase sales and conversion rates.
  • continuously enrich the profiles of your customers with personal data (data mining).

More details can be found in our product catalogue: Productsheet_Trigger_Mail.pdf