To be able to express an opinion is for most people of our „voting age“ increasingly important. More than 70% of the german population between 18 and 65 appreciate to be asked their feedback after a purchase or other transaction - preferably using communication via e-mail.


To accomplish this you can use the „Survey Module“ from empaction and benefit from immediate customer feedback: you get honest opinions, encouragements and customer requests - thereby receiving important strategic impulses to gain increased customer satisfaction. This leads to a more direct and individual communication approach towards your customers in the future.


Your survey is set up and mailed quick and easy - containing as many pages as you like, including pictures, graphs and the chosen interrogative form (open or closed questions) such as:


  • Multiple Choice / Matrix / Check Box / Select Box / Radio Button
  • your imagination sets the limit, without any programming knowledge
  • use your survey for more than getting an opinion - add customer loyalty awards, acquisition or purchase options
  • request detailed data for your customer profiling * analysis of detailed and personalized results in a graphic format * the possibility to react flexible and structured towards customer requests and wishes

More details can be found in our product catalogue: Productsheet_Survey.pdf