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SMS campaigns

Spontaneous invitations, reminder of important dates, entertainment and shopping tips – it’s hard to be more direct and personal than by SMS: It’s the way to maintain networks and friendships in the digital age. By the way: According to surveys, 95% of all recipients read their text message within 5 seconds.


  • send current discount offers, appointment reminders, delivery notifications, order confirmations or crisis communications quickly to your customers. Your client gets the message is immediately.
  • reach your customers personally - whenever you want. The auto shipping process allows for a precise time control, even with multipart programs or follow-ups.
  • send SMS campaigns online from any location - cheaper and faster than any other marketing activity.
  • generate additional viral effects.
  • have a good overview immediately after shipping thanks to our intuitive notification report.
  • combine SMS campaigns with other marketing channels to increase the efficiency of individual activities.

More details can be found in our product catalogue: Productsheet_SMS.pdf