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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Reactivate your costumers that aborted their checkout process and show them that you understand their needs with personal SCA-mails via empaction. Based on accurate web analytics, our professional e-mail marketing system allows to send target oriented remarketing e-mails.


As with all the relevant trigger-mails it is important to tailor the content exactly to the focused recipient. Ideally, the buying interest is re-awoken and the purchase completed.


  • sent an automated SCA-mail to all users that filled their shopping cart, but didn’t complete the purchase after a predefined period of time.
  • create multi-step SCA-campaigns, where you could e.g. introduce alternative products or offer additional incentives.
  • examine and optimize the purchase process, on the basis of our extensive reporting data.
  • continuously expand the profiles of your customers.

More details can be found in our product catalogue: Productsheet_SCA.pdf