Landing page module

When dealing with quick or temporary campaigns, the stand-alone landing page module is an easy alternative to a more complex reprogramming and implementation on the homepage. The landing page can appear for example after a click on:


  • a digital advertising module
  • an entry in a search engine
  • an offline distributed link


There are countless options for usage of our landing-page module, be it an online prize competition, a seasonal campaign, a contact formular or the download of information. The template for your landing page is created in line with your own individual requirements. Based on this template you develop, design and publish your landing pages only via your internet browser.


  • develop, design and publish your landing pages. Using our template, specifically created for you, the administration is intuitive as you use the Drag & Drop WYSIWYG-Editor.
  • no programming or hosting services necessary.

  • upload content or pictures via your media browser
  • integrate the landing-pages in e-mail campaigns, surveys or your homepage.

  • keep track of the success and make detailed analysis for optimization. Our reporting features provide these data based on views and hits.
  • develop landing-pages for different content and functions, such as follows:


Your visitor stays on your landing -page for a maximum of 8 seconds to decide upon completing the registration form. This means for you:


  • quick ascertainable content
  • clear indication how to proceed
  • limitation to necessary questions Empaction therefor created the 3-step registration screen:


Step 1: required registration information is only the e-mail address. Your potential subscriber enters this page via pop-up, overlay or link.

Step 2: additional information can be voluntarily given by your potential subscriber.

Step 3: a „thank you for your interest“ is forwarded and simultaneously the double -opt-in-mail is announced.


Your advantage: using this confidence-building start into the dialog, it is easy to save e-mail addresses, which form the base for further specific campaigns.


You can find additional information on our productsheet:  Productsheet-Registration_screen.pdf

Artikelbild Anmeldemaske.png


to not antagonise the subscriber removing its address, take special notice, only to...


  • request necessary information
  • state clearly what to do
Artikelbild Abmeldemaske.png


This is a service for your customers as well as a chance to collect more data for you. Subscribers reach this screen by using the „profil-change“ link on your homepage or in the newsletter. To develop your information you give the subscriber the option to change the profil as well as add additional information voluntarely. Heed the following principles:


  • use a clear structure.
  • use a clear and easy usage guidelines.
  • built trust by referring to data security.


You can find additional information on our productsheet:  Productsheet-Profil-changing screen.pdf

Artikelbild Profilaenderungsmaske.png


The realisation that the online advertisement leading to this landing-page are directly linked is of utmost importance. Therefor:


  • repeat the online advertisement.
  • generate trust through quality certificates, testimonials or other certificates.
  • insert call to action: give a clear guideline how to proceed for ordering.
Artikelbild Bestellmaske.png


To realise this on the right page is vital. The online advertisement leading to this page and the information screen are directly linked:


  • make sure that the content matches the target group and its expectations.
  • integrate a response possibility.
Artikelbild Infomaske.png

You can find additional information on our productsheet:  Productsheet-Landing_Page.pdf