We strive to support our customers in all e-mail marketing and thereto attached cross-channel-activities. Our goal is your success! To accomplish this we deliver all necessary services in one fulfillment. Our multifunctional and secure technical platform is easy to use - our range of coverage management guarantees above average delivery and opening results.

The base of our work are your requests. Building on those and the success factors vital for you we develop customer tailored, profitable concepts. We support the whole e-mail marketing process, starting with the test phase, followed by implementation and finalised with a detailed success and optimisation analysis. During the whole process our complete technical, analytical, conceptional and legal know how is available at your fingertips.

Based on the requirements and success factors of our customers, we develop customized, profitable concepts. We support our customers from the test phase of the implementation to detailed performance analysis and optimization. For this we use all our technical, analytical, conceptual and legal know-how.

Success and satisfaction our customers, with whom we strive for a long term partnership.
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