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Fax campaigns

Address your customers through a medium that took a back seat in the digital age - but is all the more perceived as exclusive - with the fax module of empaction. Your addressee holds the fax immediately in their hands - no envelope or spam filter to pass by. It’s the right medium for important, fast and above all highly targeted correspondence.


  • create campaigns with the WYSIWYG editor and a personalized sending - the auto shipping process enables exact timing.
  • save time and costs, since fax campaigns do not require lead time for printing, enveloping, etc.
  • transmit multiple page releases.
  • print international fonts.
  • reach non-responsive customers of e-mail campaigns.
  • be informed about delivery success immediately through our clear reporting.
  • achieve good response rates. Compared to other channels, faxes are very well in the running.
  • combine your fax campaigns with other marketing channels to utilize the full cross-channel potential.

More details can be found in our product catalogue: Productsheet_Fax.pdf