empaction GmbH offers you highest security by maintaining a set of different well established certificates:
We ensure to be compliant with standards and regulations.

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Trusted Mails certifies your client communication – the fundament for a successful distribution. This seal approves more legal certainty in E-Mail Marketing. More than this the seal sends a clear signal to the recipient – a reliable and saver handling of his data.

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With empaction you can enjoy highest delivery figures due to our CSA certificate. Normally a significant number of subscribed newsletter and mainlings do not reach the recipient due to e.g. spam filter. With the CSA certificate we are listed as a trusted email source and therefor our campaigns have a far better reach.

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We are part oft he eco-expert network, which deals with actual topics in various subjects like internet law, infrastructure, content, online media nad e-business. Together with empaction and others eco is continuously working to improve delivery processes of emails with internet service providers. By this the reach of your email campaigns increases constantly.

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trustedDialog was founded by WEB.DE ,GMX and eBay Deutschland. This dialog solution develops user confidence through core elements, such as sender authentification and integrity inspection of content. Ultimately this increases for you the inbox placement rate.

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Your login and data transfer is secured by the positiv SSL Security- Certificate. Your data are transported from your browser into our system and vice versa through SSL/TLS with a encryption depths of 128/256 bit. This prevents interference with your data by third parties. 

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EuroCloud Deutschland_eco: this is the german Cloud Computing-Industry organisation and  the german representative in the pan-european EuroCloud-network.

EuroCloud Deutschland_eco stands for acceptance and tailored availability of cloud services within the german market. Source: https://www.skidentity.com