Birthday Mailing

Especially moments with small surprises have proven to be most effective to support relationship management via e-mail marketing. Birthday e-mails are a really strong tool for customer tailored e-mail marketing. These campaigns are easily developed and run fully automated with our „birthday module“ additional to the empaction e-mail software. In most cases the response rates are significantly higher than the rates for usual newletter campaigns.

Use this instrument for advanced one-on-one communication, perfectly adjusted for the recipient. Depending on the content as a single mail or segmented series. We love to assist you in concepting and creating the most effective birthday-mailing.


  • create and send an automated e-mail campaign based on a specific date
  • create a positive surprise
  • strengthen the customer relationship
  • define an individual mailing point in time
  • receive additional profile data
  • generate additional sales through gift coupons
  • improve your newsletter management on the base of extensive reporting data

More details can be found in our product catalogue: Productsheet_Birthday_Mail.pdf