Campaign analysis

One of the great benefits of using e-mail as advertising medium is its excellent measurability. You will receive feedback in the form of detailed reporting data such as: Who has opened what e-mail at what time and place and clicked on which link, bought something or unsubscribed and who could not be reached? To ensure that your next e-mail campaign will be even more successful, we offer assistance for the analysis of your response data. In addition to the classical KPI's (key performance indicators) such as open rates, click rates, purchases, or bouncer.


  • Do the results of your campaign match your predefined goals?
  • How successful was the e-mail campaign compared to previous ones?
  • Are there any conclusions to be drawn on the quality of subject line, e-mail design, length and degree of personalization, frequency of contact or attractiveness of the offer?
  • Are there any clusters in the receiver list to be detected, which could be used for future segmentations?
  • Could the quality of your list of addressees be improved?
  • How cost effective was the campaign?


Based on the results, we optimize your marketing strategy for the upcoming campaigns and provide comprehensive advice - including legal counsel free of charge.